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Gurkees Rope Sandals - Tobago Beige Mens 11 Gurkee

Price: $14.00

Neptune Gurkee's Rope Sandals

Gurkee's newest addition and flip flop lovers dream.

Gurkee's newest addition, and flip-flop lovers dream!

Gurkee's Sandals for men and women are handcrafted with soft polypropylene rope that's saltwater resistant, chlorine resistant and machine washable. The double layer, industrial strength outsole of the Gurkees sandals offers flexibility with every step, yet is durable enough to last for years.

  • Soft, Rugged Polypropylene Rope is Carpet Fiber Spun into Rope
  • Heat Welded Together - No Glue
  • Gurkee's Float in Water
  • Adjustable Backstrap on Sandals
  • Machine Washable
  • Saltwater and Chlorine Resistant
  • Made of 100% USA Made Components


    Mens Size 11   See other auctions for different sizes.

Gurkees Rope Sandals come in half-to-whole sizes.  So a size 8 Gurkee will actually be size 7.5-8.

If you wear a 10 in tennis shoes, you would most likely take a 10 in Gurkees. If you wear a half size, move up to the next whole size. If you are in doubt, it is better to order the next size up.

If your Gurkees don't fit, you can always exchange them for a different size!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Gurkee's really comfortable?

Gurkee's are extremely lightweight, and are so comfortable. The rope is actually soft on your feet, taking you to a feeling that is Beyond Barefoot.

What are they made of?

Gurkee's are made from soft carpet fiber that is spun into rope. They are heat welded together to form a very strong bond. The rope is buoyant, so if you lose one in the water, they float!

How are they sized?

We sell Ladies sizes 6-10, and go to size 11 in some colors and Men's sizes 8-13. As everyone's feet are of different sizes and shapes, we have tried to size them as you would tennis shoes. If you wear a 10 in tennis shoes, you would most likely take a 10 in Gurkee's. If you wear a half size, move up to the next whole size. If you are in doubt, it is better to order the next size up. 

Why does the box have half sizes on them?

The adjustable back straps on the Neptune, Barbados and Montego allow people who wear a half size to slide the rope up the back of their Achilles tendon. This tightens the sandal on the top of your foot!

My Gurkee's are starting to fray on the bottom and sides of the foot bed, what do I do?

If you walk on concrete a lot, the rope fibers will start to fray at certain points. If you will take a lighter or a match and singe the fibers, they will weld back together! Do this occasionally after you wash your Gurkee's.

Are Gurkee's Guaranteed?

Yes, we stand behind every pair of Gurkee's we sell against any manufacturers defect. Under normal circumstances, if any of the ropes come undone or break, we will issue credit to our retailers to replace the sandals. It is not uncommon for a pair of Gurkee's to last for 7, 8, 9 or even 10 years. As long as the age of the sandal is within reason, it can be returned to the retailer for a new pair (please retain your receipt). Sandals that have extreme wear and tear will not be replaced.

I wore my Gurkee's in the water yesterday, and today they smell funny, what's that smell?

Gurkee's are chlorine and salt water resistant, and are great to wear in the water, but if you do, make sure you dry them when you put them up! Since they are made of carpet fiber, they will smell just like wet carpet if not dried thoroughly.  Additionally, we have found that washing them with an oxygenating product and occasionally spraying them with a product like Febreze helps, as well.

Are they really machine washable?

Yes, when your Gurkee's get dirty, throw them in with your laundry. We recommend drying them on low heat. If you dry them in too hot of a dryer, the carpet fibers tighten up, and it can seem like they have shrunk a bit. If this does happen, they will loosen back up with wear. For best drying results, stand your Gurkee's up against a wall outdoors (in the sun if possible). The water will flow through the carpet fibers and dry quicker!

What form of payment do you accept?

For online orders, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. 

Do you ship internationally?



Our Guarantee

If cared for, your new Gurkee's will provide you many years of comfortable service. We STRONGLY recommend that you try your Gurkee's on immediately, on a clean carpet, without cutting the tags. This should let you know right away if your chosen size will fit.

As Gurkee's are handmade, we cannot guarantee that the size you ordered will be an exact fit. Y

Please note that unless we shipped the incorrect size in error, you will be responsible for all shipping charges.

We cannot accept back ANY return that shows signs of wear.

We only accept exchanges for items purchased from us - if you received your Gurkees from another dealer, you will have to contact them.

Gurkee's Rope Sandals - Like Going Barefoot, but Better!

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