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What's Hot?

The perfect gift for the wine and gadget lover, this easy-to-use electronic wine cooler will keep your wine bottles nicely chilled without the mess of melting ice.  It's virtually silent, very inexpensive to operate, and it makes a great conversation item!

:: Wine Bottle Cooler

Tanning Beds

We are proud to have been an authorized ETS Wolff tanning beds dealer since 1999 - one of the oldest on the internet!  We've sold well over 2,000 tanning beds for home and salon - let our experience work for you!

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Face Tanners

Want to have a nice, dark looking tan for your face only?  Check out our selection of face tanning machines from Sperti.  The Sperti Del Sol is a compact, portable, and easy to use facial tanner that will give you a tan face in a few short sessions.

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Swimming Pools

We carry a full range of above ground swimming pools - something to fit every backyard and budget! We are authorized KD portable pool dealers, so we really know our pools!

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Hot Tubs

From the truly portable to the truly magnificent, we offer a complete line of hot tubs and spas.  We only carry the finest portable spas supplied by the leading manufacturers!

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Far Infrared Saunas

Our world-class far infrared saunas will make you sweat... literally! Crafted from the finest woods available, and manufactured to strict specifications, these saunas are the health boost you've been looking for!

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Gurkee's Rope Sandals

Surprisingly comfortable and amazingly durable, Gurkee's Rope Sandals are the perfect summer accessory.  Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for men, women, and kids!

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